Allison Kinnear

I Help Women Thrive. Are You Ready?

I have worked with hundreds of leaders supporting them in transforming their lives and finding their voice. 

Hello! I’m Allison Kinnear

For over 22 years, I have supported and transformed the lives of women in leadership. I've worked as a people manager at Google, university and military settings, creating dynamic teams and positive workplace environments.

As a mother of two young children, completing a Master's degree in Human Development while working as a manager at Google with 37 direct reports and over 200 clients, I was on the verge of burnout. I struggled with the disease to please, Imposter Syndrome and overcommitting myself. I realized that the skills that got me into upper leadership were no longer useful. 

I now live a life that is full of meaningful work, a rich family life and complete faith in my resiliency and resourcefulness. It's my hope to support you on your path so you can own your time, be confident despite any fears and have effective tools to navigate the difficult conversations that come with more responsibility

There is a better way.

Alli listens deeply and intently


The most striking element of engaging in coaching with Alli is her impeccable ability to listen deeply and intently; with her whole soul. She's completely yours and all about you in the session. Alli catches nuggets of your rambling and guides you in piecing it together towards cohesion and action. Lastly, Alli has fabulous instincts and skill around navigating the conversation to meet your individual needs and hopes. She's encouraging, endlessly patient and truly a phenomenal resource to guide you in knowing what you don't know you know... you know?

Our Work Together

Our Work Together Can Involve

  • Join one of my 6-week online classes. 
  • One-on-one coaching sessions via phone, Zoom or in person (if in the Maple Valley area).
  • Attending workshops and speaking events to learn about Overcoming Impostor Syndrome, Building a Culture of Trust, Having Difficult conversations and more.
  • Watching my Living & Learning video blog about courage, leadership & life every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 pm