Confronting Sorrow

Our family is on the precipice of making a very big move to the east coast. Fear, joy and sadness are showing up BIG TIME.

Today I’ll talk about what to do when sorrow knocks on the door. Dare we answer it? Or do we distract ourselves away from its incessant pounding?

Living & Learning: Drift Happens

As stress builds from COVID, our upcoming election and just life stuff, I noticed myself drift. The habits that support me and help me feel alive and focused were replaced with my favorite numbing behaviors.
Today, we’ll talk about how to get out of the funk when drift happens.

Living & Learning: Just the Facts

“There are no facts, only interpretations.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche
Our brains are wired for story. Which is just another way of saying that our brains are wired to interpret. The trick is when to believe our interpretations and when to back up and think again.
Whether it is believing the “not good enough” tape in our minds or it is the spin during an election year, it’s important to pause and take another look.

Living & Learning: Being in the Eye

As the pandemic wears on, the election nears and the holidays approach (let alone the general life-y stuff that is always happening), we are all getting impacted by the swirl and spin.
As the metaphorical hurricane builds in intensity, it becomes even more important to remain centered in the eye of the storm instead of getting tossed around in the debris.
Today’s Living & Learning: Being in the Eye