Living & Learning: Pulling the Weeds

This week I found a slow-moving, sneaky plant that was choking out some of my beautiful flowers. It reminded me of how people, positions & obligations can start out as a welcomed addition but can slowly creep in and ensnare the joyful parts of life.

Today we’re going to look at what to do when we find ourselves being choked out by relationships and circumstances that no longer serve us.

Today’s Living & Learning: Pulling the Weeds

Living & Learning: School Decisions

School districts are trying to figure out the safest ways to get our teachers & children back in the classroom yet the sheer volume of pressure, unknowns and challenges make for a lot of impossible decision-making on the parts of parents, teachers & administrators.

Today I’m going to talk about all the $h!t that’s flowing underneath this process and what we, as parents, can do to help make clear decisions for our children and families.