Boundaries for the Holidays

It seems early to talk about the holidays, doesn't it? My kids are about to go back to school and I'm not ready to let summer go yet.

But here's what I know: This is the time of year that holiday plans are made. I also know that the holidays bring dread, anxiety and exhaustion like no other time of the year.

But the holidays don't need to be that way. We can be with the people we love and really step into what this time is meant to be. We can build boundaries and not walls. We can take better care of ourselves so the holidays aren't something we have to "get through" but something that we can savor and enjoy. 

That's why I created a six-week webinar class called Boundaries for the Holidays.

Maybe you give everyone everything and you end up feeling resentful and unappreciated. Maybe you feel like climbing the walls because you just know that your mother is judging your every move. Maybe you have that crazy brother-in-law that you can't stand. If so, this is the class for you.

Christmas Vacation Cousin Eddie

We're going to look at common pitfalls in relationships (and how to avoid them), how to have difficult conversations, strategies to take care of yourself when things get stressful and so much more.

This class brings together the "greatest hits" of my workshops and coaching tools and applies it to our personal lives. But let's be honest, this isn't just about personal growth. If you can set boundaries and have a difficult conversation with your mother, you can certainly do it in the workplace, too.

Boundaries for the Holidays starts October 14 and goes until November 22. There will be pre-recorded videos, supportive worksheets and live video calls where I'll answer questions and offer group coaching. You can go at your own pace and even access the live recordings later.

It's my goal to make this information as accessible and affordable as possible. I don't want you to suffer through the holidays, I want you to enjoy them.

That's why I'm offering the entire class for my usual hourly coaching rate: $250.

Weird Al

Why offer so much time, material & content for so little?

Because I want this work to reach as many people who need it.

If you are someone who dreads the holidays because of weird family dynamics and the pain of putting up a fake facade, then this is for you.

Register here or send this blog to a friend who can use it. I'll see you then!