Confronting Sorrow

Our family is on the precipice of making a very big move to the east coast. Fear, joy and sadness are showing up BIG TIME.

Today I’ll talk about what to do when sorrow knocks on the door. Dare we answer it? Or do we distract ourselves away from its incessant pounding?

  • Hello beautiful! Here to hold your heart.

  • You are just wonderful in so many ways. I sure hope Brene Brown sees some, or all, of your chats. Love you

  • Sara Whitney says:

    So relevant to the time we are living in and to the emotions swirling all around us. Whew.
    We can do hard things!

  • Oh Allie I what magnificent episode. Making this move to South Africa in just 10 short days. The kids and I can 100% relate. Especially since so many friendships and support systems where forged in this insanely challenging year. My 6yo by far is feeling the impending sorrow of moving from everything and everyone they know.

  • As Natasha’s sister-in-law here in Washington, we are also feeling all of this. Loving and cherishing them while they are here, all while our hearts are breaking for their departure.

  • grief and gratitude all amix with love…so much yes to that

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