Living & Learning: Drift Happens

As stress builds from COVID, our upcoming election and just life stuff, I noticed myself drift. The habits that support me and help me feel alive and focused were replaced with my favorite numbing behaviors.
Today, we’ll talk about how to get out of the funk when drift happens.

  • I’m at the “ don’t wanna” stage right now!!

  • Every coach needs a coach!

  • Yep, I’m pretty sassy right now

  • Or sell your house!!

  • Great thoughts! I get the drifting…for sure!

  • Libby Galt says:

    I’m numbing by watching British Baking Show

  • Kathryn Tone says:

    Wonderful Allie! I’m definitely leaning to numbness – trying to unpack and organize a new house. It’s overwhelming and The energy is just not there.

  • Just like at Disneyland… adding that “Magic Morning” to your ticket really is magic!

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