Living & Learning: Just the Facts

“There are no facts, only interpretations.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche
Our brains are wired for story. Which is just another way of saying that our brains are wired to interpret. The trick is when to believe our interpretations and when to back up and think again.
Whether it is believing the “not good enough” tape in our minds or it is the spin during an election year, it’s important to pause and take another look.

  • You’ve got to notice when you mindread!

    • Gardani Simona you’re welcome!

      • I couldn’t type properly on that page…so here is the rest!
        Thank you Alli for remind us about this important practice! So true, that each of us make up such a different story of the same event, because we interpret the facts with our biases, emotions, believes. Unfortunately too often, the people “in charge” not only forget this important process, but often they don’t even know about it, even if they work in the ECE field…
        I really enjoyed the video, your insights and thank you for sending it directly to me!
        PS it’s been 10 years since I met you, and you do look absolutely the same!!! Would you pretty please share where do you buy “l’acqua della gioventù” that you are drinking?!? Grazie xoxo

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