• Thanks for this! Teachers and staff need all of our support!

  • We’re all in it together. No one is above this.

  • We are all doing “it” differently now. And different doesn’t have to be bad.

  • Sara Whitney says:

    Emotional exhaustion on a new level.

  • So much care and love for self and others is needed. Compassion for all emotions .

  • Whooo hooo. Have a fabulous trip beautiful

  • For those in the Living & Learning VIP group (or those who want to join!), here’s the link to your extra video. We’re talking about how to prevent the implosion: https://voiceofherown.vipmembervault.com/login/auto/?user=%EMAIL%&password=%EMAIL%&goto=/products/units/view/1087224/?lesson=1220904

  • Such a good message – and so relevant for all hardships we can face in our lives. Thank you!

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