Living & Learning: School Decisions

School districts are trying to figure out the safest ways to get our teachers & children back in the classroom yet the sheer volume of pressure, unknowns and challenges make for a lot of impossible decision-making on the parts of parents, teachers & administrators.

Today I’m going to talk about all the $h!t that’s flowing underneath this process and what we, as parents, can do to help make clear decisions for our children and families.

  • THANK YOU for supporting parents with this topic!

  • Thanks for sharing your truth and showing us your bravery and vulnerability. Big love to you.

  • Thinking of going unschooling route as well. And yes – juggling work and taking on the teacher role sounds scary. I might take the year off work.

  • thank you for helping us to feel the feelings!

  • Yes! We need to give ourselves some grace in these uncharted waters. We all just do our best

  • Oh Alli! Thank You, Thank You. What a time. I believe the children will be ok! No matter who does what, we will all do our best and our kids will know resilience is key!

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