• Allie Joseph says:

    Hi!!!! I’ve missed you!

  • Yay!!! Happy to be here! ❤

  • Yay!!! Happy to be here!

  • I’m going off the rails on the crazy train!

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  • So, it doesn’t have to be balanced, different parts take priority at different times, right?

  • Great talk, thank you!

  • Hi Alli.. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Libby Galt says:

    Allison Kinnear I wonder if you might want to reconsider using the term sanity, it might imply the opposite, crazy, which might not be as aware of those that struggle with mental illness as I know you would want to be. Maybe intentionality or another term instead. Maybe work/life integration? Any rate, just wondering out loud…

    • Libby Galt great insight and thank you for that! I completely agree. Integration, intentionally: yes.

      • Libby Galt says:

        Voice of Her Own I also thought of my goal and what I’d like to help others with and it feels more like Work/Life Awareness. Or if you want to remove completely the separation of work and life, it might come down to living with awareness. Or mindful living. Or living fully awake with intention. Apparently I could go on and on…

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