• I often notice that there is grief under the anger.

  • Kim Utter says:

    I agree!I understand that feeling

  • Kim Utter says:

    If you ignore it .. you will just explode at some point

  • Kim Utter says:

    You hit it on the head!

  • Yuhua Chen says:

    Yes, Month of anger for February!

  • Anger, power, and love…. friends or foes?

  • Kim Utter says:

    I would so LOVE to see you speak

  • Anger always starts with hurt.

  • Kasey Sims says:

    Loved this and loved seeing your face!

  • Anger is just an emotion. And emotions are all just energy. When we find an emotion uncomfortable, notice it. We often feel we need to do something about it, TO GET RID OF IT, to give it to someone else, fighting against it. You can try just letting that energy run through your body. FEEL it! It dissipates on its own. And then from this place you can take an appropriate intentional action. ❤️

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