• Woohoooo Im catching it LIVE!!

  • I love CLEAR communication! This is so good

    • YES! Clear communication. It doesn’t matter what is said, oftentimes, as long as it is clear and compassionate (but not so compassionate that it becomes unclear).

  • People dont do this enough…for sure

  • Oh my internet is so rough out here in the country 🙁 its going in and out. I may need to catch the replay :/

  • Andy Boland says:

    Great message Ali!

  • Being in that weird limbo place is the worst. I just love to know where we stand

  • I love how it’s clear and courageous.

  • Justine Ward says:

    Hi Ali, great to catch you live xx wise words.

  • I caught the end of this, Ali! So great to see and hear you. Looking forward to the replay.

  • Oh man, that takes such courage! It’s so counter to the Seattle culture (GHOSTING) that I’m used to. I totally see the case for it. But yes, ouch.

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  • Alli, I sure wasn’t as polished as you! I was consumed with anxiety when I called my “friend.” I was so nervous. I pretended to be confident as I conjured up my twenty seconds of insane courage. It worked! Neither of us ended up in a puddle of tears. We’ll both be fine. I feel so free now. Thank you for giving me the tools and courage to do what I knew needed to be done! Love, Mom

    • So awesome that you did it!! Even if it is messy, we all are doing the best we can. I love that you “pretended to be confident.” Act as if, right? And yes, you’ll both be fine. Love you too! <3

  • Missed the live but loved this talk and happening now in a long life friendship of ups and downs …how is writing a letter if you have not talked in months but the emotions are high when any conversation happens which has brought me to this finalizing long thought out decision. There is people that *talk* doesnt work… mom good for you a neighborhood is no different than a “small town”

    • Great question, Jenni! I think a handwritten letter is another lovely way to have this conversation, especially with someone you have a longstanding relationship. We don’t use snail mail very often and the good part about that is that it can feel quite personal. Emails and text strips a lot of our humanity. Letters also help because it can give you time to choose your words carefully and be really thoughtful about what you want to say, and how to say it, especially if things often get heightened. <3

    • Yes a big fan of old fashion snail mail thank you for the talk good timing and i will write on *( as apposed to ride on) haha

  • Oohmpff! And yes! A mountain of courage needed in that 20 seconds. Fantastic stuff Bonnie and Alli.

  • Bonnie Jones says:

    Pretty cool, Alli, now I know how to predict and prepare if your Mom decides to dump me, lol! Ghosting would never work at the dog park, unless she actually draped a white sheet over herself. And one over Annie.

  • Amanda True says:

    Finally getting around to watching this one! Love the idea of 20 seconds of insane courage.

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