• Darn it, I’m going to need to rewatch the first nine minutes. You have the most beautiful reflective soul and your children are crazy blessed because of it!

  • I always talked to my daughter with honesty and real terms, and tried to tell her that certain things were my version of Truth, and that other people see certain things differently than I do.

  • Ooh I love that Michelle Obama quote!

  • Anna Yañez says:

    This is so good Alli. Having lost two grandpa’s last year in six months we’ve had lots of conversations in our home and your message really resonated with me. ❤️

    • Anna Yañez I’m so glad it resonated. And I’m so sorry that you lost two grandpas. I remember Janis saying that our children encounter death in different ways at different ages and I think there’s a lot of truth to that. <3

  • They are there the way God/Universe/Spirit is there. You can feel them, but cannot see them.

  • Ooh, do our work. That reminds me, I want to buy that book by Katie Byron. 😁

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